Our vision is simple: to build a global centre of excellence for embedded engineering right in the heart of Wroclaw. Our customers should love what we do and we want our team to have fun and be truly happy working at our company. We want to offer exceptional quality embedded work on the most complex of projects with (or for) the worlds leading tech and entertainment companies.

To support this vision, earlier this year we opened our new office close to the Rynek in Wroclaw giving us space to develop our team with newcomers. We'd like to work with people are who enjoy complex work that requires significant problem solving and flexibility - whatever their experience level, from graduate to master.

Our clients require projects done mainly with technologies such as :

  • Programming: C and C++/Java, actually C++ is the usual choice
  • Integrating: Embedded Linux
  • Reporting : English language
  • Scripting: Python or Javascript

Each project then varies in size and specifics and many have room for all kinds of extra skill sets but these are the common basics.

If you are looking for a great atmosphere at work by and you are:

  • Team and people oriented
  • Flexible, willing to develop and helpful to others
  • Communicating well

then, we can offer you permanent roles with the best benefits package in town or B2B contracts if that's what you prefer. We can offer flexible work including time and location. We can offer you a great place to work and learn and promise you interaction with some of the biggest and most famous companies in the world!

Be proud of what you do. Enjoy what you do. RED what you do.